ELICURE HEALTHCARE is a Neighbourhood OPD (Polyclinic in the yesteryear Nomenclature) bringing together a range of Super Specialist doctors under one roof.

The Idea behind Elicure Healthcare was to bring in various Medical specialities and facilities together in one neighbourhood polyclinic. Specialities ranging from

  • Ayurveda to Modern Medicine
  • Homeopathy to Quantum Healing
  • Mental Healthcare to Acupuncture
  • Facilities like Home Care e.g. Doctors on call to Home Diagnostics
  • Facilities like Free Medical Camps to Informative Insta Live programs with our panel of Doctors

for the benefit of our neighbourhood and the wider community, All under one roof.

Our current doctors are renowned, have a collective experience of more than 100 years and are dedicated to providing a world-class healthcare consulting service. In addition to General Physicians, Physiotherapists, Intervention Pain specialist, Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Psychiatrist, Gynaecologist, General Surgeon etc.; We have Super specialist doctors like an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Uro Surgeon, General Onco Surgeon, Uro Oncologist, Gastro Surgeon, Thoracic Surgeon etc.

Elicure Healthcare aims to bring affordable medical Healthcare to everyone’s door steps.


The mission of Elicure is to Elevate, Inspire and Cure.
ELEVATE (Elevate the thinking and knowledge about the ailment and cure)
INSPIRE (Inspire the client to take proactive and remedial action) and
CURE (Cure the illness and promote wellness).